I love surprises!

This is a ‘little’ post about my Mum. You’ll find lots of pictures of crafty creations as well .  Mum and I really enjoy crafting together on the few occasions we can, since we now live in separate states. I wanted to share the story but also some of the lovely things we’ve made. I’d … More I love surprises!

Later that same night… .. Lake Maggiore

I have previously written about our magnificent experience visiting the Piedmont region which is in North Western Italy. You can re-visit the original post here at https://richerfortravel.wordpress.com/2017/04/09/isola-madre-la-piratera-dinner/ Now, after recent experiences with kids, drama and chaotic craziness I want to tell the story of what happened later that same night…! So, we left the story as … More Later that same night… .. Lake Maggiore

Mad Max Tour

What do you get when you combine a mini-bus, 7 adults, 7 kids, a white horse and a Mad Max driver?  Not Mel Gibson or Tina Turner. We were lucky enough to find out during our day tour on Saturday, June 28th, 2014. Our gang of 13 all meandered into the centre of Bath for … More Mad Max Tour

Never Give Up

I was driving  to soccer at the weekend with our youngest son and he and I had an interesting chat in the car.  Their team had been on a bit of a losing streak lately and he was becoming discouraged that they weren’t going to have another win.  Apart from the usual discussion about the … More Never Give Up

Buckingham Palace

Anyone visiting London for the first time is certain to list Buckingham Palace at the top of their sightseeing to-do-list. Photos by Esther Colavecchio In 2014, we were no different, despite us being there at a time of year when the State Rooms were NOT open to the public. We were keen to visit the … More Buckingham Palace

Sunday Session – One Lovely Blog Award

Good morning everyone! Happy Sunday morning . I have received the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ by Bree from https://3sistersabroad.wordpress.com. Thanks Bree! I am honoured to be nominated. I love reading Bree’s blog and will be looking forward to reading about their upcoming trip to France! This also gives me a chance to thank everyone who reads, likes … More Sunday Session – One Lovely Blog Award