Verona. This Northern Italian city inspires thoughts of romance. The story of Shakespeare’s tragic Romeo and Juliet needs no introduction. It was an overcast but warm summer’s day in July 2014 . We crossed a beautiful stone bridge on the bus and headed into the heart of the city. Our time in this magical, medieval … More #Verona


The sliding glass doors opened with a whoosh and the four of us found ourselves thrust out, dragging our suitcases and hand luggage, into a hot and steamy midday outside the airport terminal in Rome.  There were cars and people swirling past at a frenetic pace.  One of the first things I noticed was the … More Termoli

Later that same night… .. Lake Maggiore

I have previously written about our magnificent experience visiting the Piedmont region which is in North Western Italy. You can re-visit the original post here at https://richerfortravel.wordpress.com/2017/04/09/isola-madre-la-piratera-dinner/ Now, after recent experiences with kids, drama and chaotic craziness I want to tell the story of what happened later that same night…! So, we left the story as … More Later that same night… .. Lake Maggiore

Monte Cassino

A hush descended upon the group as we alighted from the bus on a sunny, warm Italian summer’s day. The quiet immediately grabs you. The utter tranquility. You are enveloped by an overwhelming sense of sadness and reverent silence. Sorrowful echoes of the past are felt in the warm breezes that touch your cheek… As … More Monte Cassino

Bright, Beautiful Burano

Venice.  The name evokes images of beauty, romance, drama, art, music and history.  There is a certain mystical majesty in the combination of awe-inspiring architecture, beautiful bridges and theatrical canal systems that define this sensational city. What stories could the walls of this city tell? What secrets lurk, forever lost to the watery depths of … More Bright, Beautiful Burano