Ode to Games Shapers

From Cairns to Cooloongatta, We’re a ‘sea’ of blue and yellow Those lucky to spot Borobi, He’s a very friendly fellow With a smile, a laugh and trying our  best, We’re the Games Shapers of GC2018 From boxing to swimming to beach volleyball, We’re the friendliest faces ever seen With purpose and pride we’re keen … More Ode to Games Shapers

#Deck the Walls

It’s been a while between blog posts. It has been a hectic few months! Moving house. Two words that evoke a strong response from most people.  Whether positive or a negative, most people have an opinion on this life experience. It is said to be one of the most stressful events in life; right up … More #Deck the Walls

I love surprises!

This is a ‘little’ post about my Mum. You’ll find lots of pictures of crafty creations as well .  Mum and I really enjoy crafting together on the few occasions we can, since we now live in separate states. I wanted to share the story but also some of the lovely things we’ve made. I’d … More I love surprises!

Why Travel With Kids?

Kids. Airport gate lounges. Long-haul flights. Foreign languages. Public transport. Different foods. What could go wrong? Every parent has a story or two about travel with their kids. Whether this is overseas travel or down to the local shops. People asked why we were taking the kids away with us. Apart from the obvious cost … More Why Travel With Kids?