It’s May ALREADY?!

5 Hello May

 This year is whizzing by at an alarming rate isn’t it! I wanted to stop and take a moment to share what May means to me.

We associate May with our Mum’s, as we celebrate Mother’s Day in Australia on the second Sunday in May. May is also smack bang in the middle of our Autumn season, and has always been one of my favourite months. It is not too hot and not too cold. It is just perfect, like the fairytale says. Also, who doesn’t adore all the beautiful colours of Autumn ?!

May was always a month full of fun and friendships. I celebrate my birthday this month and this used to coincide with fire cracker night. Quite often, my birthday gatherings with friends were celebrated as we (or my Dad, more to the point!) let off crackers on our back deck. Those high school occasions graduated to nights out ‘painting the town red’ in Hobart. My friends and I would get together at one of the many fabulous restaurants and night-spots (once I was eighteen of course!)

Travel, of course, features in my musings here. One year I was lucky enough to celebrate (my 17th) birthday during a school trip to New Zealand. Some years later, I was lucky again to mark my birthday at a special place with dinner at a restaurant in Beverley Hills! (Yep, as in L.A!)

Husband, kids and then a big move to Queensland happened and there were many great times with new friends in the Sunshine state. One fabulous year my little sis flew up from Tasmania. She joined a few of my beautiful buddies and I as we partied in Bris-vegas then she and I cruised the South Pacific together as we’d long dreamt of doing.




May is not always about fun and good times though. It is also, very definitely, not all about me.

Two special ladies, who always helped to make May special, and left an indelible mark on this month, were my two adorable Nan’s.

MY Nan's xxx

Margaret and May – my two beautiful Nan’s

Nanna Margaret, on the left in the picture, also celebrated her birthday in May. Nanna’s birthday was two days before mine and as a girl I always wished that my birthday was exactly the same day as hers. That way, we would both be the same star sign and that was of vital importance to me. I think what I felt, even from early on, was the fact that she was a precious and wonderful lady and I somehow wanted to be  just the same as she was. I wanted to be strong, brave and sweet, just like she was.

Nan had a tough life but was stoic, caring and generous beyond measure. Having been a school teacher all her life, Nan finally reached retirement age and could give her poor battered feet, damaged by osteoporosis and arthritis, a rest.  She received a little bit of money upon retirement. No one would have blinked if she had decided to spend this money on herself. She didn’t have heaps of money. She had earned it.  Nan amazingly decided to spend this precious retirement money on taking her grandchildren on a holiday. How lucky were we? What I wouldn’t give to have another conversation with her. To thank her. To hug her. For her to meet my boys. For me to tell her that I love her and that she is special. I hope she knew how special she was…

Nan passed away June 24th, 1997. She was 69.

My other Nanna, May, was also a precious and much loved lady to me. Again, here is a lady who I would love to have a conversation with. She made me laugh. She made me feel safe, secure and loved. Some of the many beautiful memories include eating toast and drinking tea in front of a roaring fire in Nan’s lounge room. She always had a wise word or two (often funny with her dry wit!) to say and her cooking prowess was second-to-none!  Precious memories of May (the month and the lady) are things that I wanted to share and remember. Nanna had never travelled outside of her native Tasmania, which is hard to believe in today’s busy and transport/travel oriented world. It is a different world today, than that which she grew up in, and I hope she’d have enjoyed my travel expoits so far.

Nanna passed away May 16th, 2008. She was 89.

Then there is Domenic. As soon as the calendar ticks over from the end of April, our thoughts turn to Dom who was taken far too soon from this world. My husband, John, and Fil’s beloved brother lost his short battle with cancer on Mother’s Day – May 14th, 2006.  After having lost their Dad only eighteen months earlier, the family was shattered to suffer such a heart-breaking and inconceivable loss. He was only 37.


Three beautiful people who are forever missed, as those that we love always are. I don’t intend for this to be a sad post but a tribute to great people that I have been lucky enough to know and have in my life. I wanted to remember them, as always, but especially this month. They brought so many positive and enduring happy moments to those that loved them. Their loss was and always will be felt but I am sure they hope that all of us that loved them, will always remember them with a smile and a bit of happiness in our hearts that we shared time with them.

DR Suess Quote

So yep it is Mother’s Day and will be my birthday soon too. I will always be happy to share this month with Margaret, May and Dom as they were all amazing, loved and special people who deserve to be always remembered with a smile 🙂

Life is short. Hug those you love. Tell them they are special and why they are important to you. You just never know when you won’t get that chance anymore.

Hugs, Esther x x x x


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  1. What a beautiful celebration of May with such precious memories of loved ones, your childhood and travel. A wonderful read Esther. x

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