Life in my phone!

Hi, as we begin another week, I wanted to re-post this wonderful article written by Sam Moss . Sam writes wonderfully well, on her blog, and has started an online forum for people with chronic, and other, illnesses to tap into for support and guidance. It is rapidly growing and is a wonderful place to chat and meet people who are all open, caring and helpful to each other. Happy Monday everyone. Hope you enjoy this post as much as I did 🙂 Esther


My Medical Musings

When I was working my husband always used to stir me about having my iPhone strapped to my ear almost 24/7. He wasn’t exaggerating either!

The other night while I was sitting up in bed frantically tapping away on my smart phone, I paused for a moment and looked up at my husband who was enjoying a show on TV, which I must add, we were both supposed to be watching. I was listening to it but I definitely wasn’t watching it in the relaxed manner I should be as a person “medically retired”. Life in my phone was just way too exciting and compelling to put it down.

I laughed and said, “Do you know what, I’ve just realised I have a whole world inside this phone that is buzzing with activity and I think it’s even busier in there than my life was when I was working”. Thankfully he laughed…

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2 thoughts on “Life in my phone!

  1. A pleasure Sam. I thought about it at the time I read your post, but couldn’t get my ‘technical’ prowess in gear to work out how to re-blog. 🙂 xx Great writing deserves great reader-ship.


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