It’s Better To Laugh Than Cry

They say that laughter is the best medicine.  I agree so I wanted to share a funny travel tale that always makes me laugh. Some days you just need to laugh. This short and (hopefully) sweet post is my nod to the need for a good old giggle.

I am a confessed klutz. I make tripping over fresh air into an art form. I have had numerous broken bones and even more near misses across the years.

One particular day, my sister and I were back on dry land after a blissful seven nights cruising the South Pacific.  We were heading into the terminal at Brisbane airport to board our flight(s) home. Jac was bound for Launceston.  I was bound for Gladstone. After a wonderful time away together (no kids, no husbands, no worries!) we were heading in our separate directions and back to reality.  That was the ‘cry’ part of the scenario. The ‘laugh’ part of the scenario is what came next.

We had taken a train from Brisbane city and needed to get down one of the travelators to the lower level of the airport to enter the terminal.  There is a most helpful recorded message that reminds people as they step onto the moving walkway that they must ‘hold onto the side rail at all times and be ready to step off at the other end’ (or words to that effect). It is a good idea, I found, to hold onto your luggage as well, as you head down (or up) the moving ramp.

I decided that I was fine to let go and demonstrate my prowess at being able to NOT hold onto the sides. I actually did manage to travel downwards with some sort of balance and finesse. This was all well and good, until I reached the bottom. My suitcase stopped. Dead. At the end of the walkway. I did not.

With what was surely an Olympic sized hurtle and roll, I smacked into my stationary suitcase. I flew through the air with the greatest of ease and landed. With quite a thud. On my backside.

Suffice to say, the travelling public at Brisbane airport that day had quite a chuckle as they stepped over my un-dignified sprawl and continued on with their journeys.

Now it is your turn. I challenge each one of you to post a funny story of your own, whether or not it involves an injury. (I wasn’t injured by the way. I just suffered from wounded pride…….:(  …!)

We can all use a good belly laugh sometimes, no matter what is happening in life.  Thanks to Dave Head, for the idea today, who is a talented blogger worth checking out at

Until next time, keep smiling! 🙂 Esther



3 thoughts on “It’s Better To Laugh Than Cry

  1. Thanks Dave!!! AND thanks for the idea 🙂 (especially the Minions lol). I have yet to work out how to re-blog posts from other inspiring authors, such as yourself and Sam Moss. My homework over the Easter break is to eat chocolate, drink wine and work out all the blogging extras, such as re-posting 🙂 x x x x p.s. enjoy that snow – WOW! Looks beautiful but I bet it is sooooooo cold.


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